Hey folks, the company who owns the now demolished chicken farm across the road from The Fort main entrance has kindly agreed to let us use it for this weekend game. So please enter the main entrance next to the bungalow and go through the gate, 30 meters down the road, turn right and into the next concrete foundation bay. It's basically a very large concrete car park. There will be a parking marshall to assist you. You will be required to walk across the road with your gear and up the track to the safe zone. The black squiggly line indicates the path of entry and walking back out. This is the only route we are authorised to use.

VERY IMPORTANT: This facility has been offered to us on a provisional ONE-OFF basis to make sure that all goes well and we don't disturb the occupants of the bungalow adjacent to the 'car park'. Please respect this simple request and drive slowly and carefully to the indicated car park. We don't want music heard, horns sounded or any form of shouting or loud talking from anyone whilst at the car park. It's Sunday and I'm fairly sure you would be seriously pissed off if a large bunch of noisy people appeared in your drive! This also applies to the end of the day and in fact any time you are in the car park. Any abusers will be banned, permanently, no exceptions.

Sorry for the rules and strict tone of this post but there was a small element of players who used to think that the "Absolutely no parking in the main gate area" rule didn't apply to them. We don't want ANYONE thinking they are exempt from site rules, we can't afford to upset the neighbours or risk breaching our health and safety!
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