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Walk On Fee £20

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Full Hire £45
Gun Hire £15
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Site Rules
Code of Conduct at The Fort
This code applies to EVERYONE – that means YOU!
The Marshall's are always right – even when they're wrong...
Eye / Face protection will be worn at ALL time except in the safezone. No exceptions. It should be capable of withstanding a point-blank shot from a 500 fps airsoft gun loaded with a 6mm 0.2g BB. This equates to EN-166f or EN-166a. We have tested Covert glasses, ARCO safety glasses and Bulletproof masks, all of them withstand this test. If in doubt, we reserve the right to test ALL eye protection before allowing it to be used.
Take Your Hit. Cheating isn't big, isn't clever and seriously annoys everyone else. It will not be tolerated and is the quickest way to get removed from the site.
Under 10 metres -
Semi-Auto. No exceptions. If the other player is close enough to touch, you can ask them to take their hit however they do not need to and you should be prepared to put one well-aimed round in their backside!
All unacompanied Players must be over 16 years of age. Players between 12 & 16 years must have a responsible adult with them during the day for their first visit. After that, they can arrive unaccompanied with a signed disclaimer from their first day.
Single shot Rifles over 360 fps – Minimum Engagement Distance (MED) of 30m. Within the MED you cannot use the rifle, that includes inviting another player to take their hit - you can't shoot them so why should they take it?!
One blast on whistle - Game On! go for it...
Two blasts on whistle - stop where you are, safe your weapon, await instructions from Marshall.
Dead Men Don't Talk - Just what it says. If you're shot, keep quiet. Give away others positions and you will be asked to go back to the Safe Zone.
‘Dead’ players are NOT shields and should not be used as such. Players who persistently ignore this rule will be sent to the Safe Zone
Medics: If a game features Medics, rather than respawn points, the medics are the only players permitted to respawn.
Use the Respawn points sensibly – if you meet a member from the other team, agree to go your separate ways. It’s easy & it works.
Testing of rifles etc is only permitted in the designated area - if in doubt, please ask a marshal. Players are no longer permitted to test weapons in any other part of the Safezone.
FPS Limits
AEGs / Pistols – 360 fps
Single action sniper rifles – 500 fps with a minimum engagement distance of 30m
Marshals have the right to chrono any gun at any time.
The ONLY pyros permitted at The Fort are smoke and standard Thermobaric grenades.
Thermobarics have a 'kill' radius of FIVE metres.
Any player using unnapproved pyro on site will be asked to leave - no ifs, not buts.
No players under the age of 18 may use pyro at The Fort
ONLY Biodegradeable ammunition is permitted at The Fort
Behaviour on site
It is our aim that The Fort will be a place where airsofters can play in an atmosphere of mutual respect and fun.  Players who cannot abide by that simple aim will not be welcome.  Screaming and swearing, especially at the top of your voice will not be tolerated.  Shouting at other players to 'take their hits' is NOT how the game is played and you will be asked to go back to the Safezone. If there is a problem - speak to a marshal.
Do as you would be done by. I know I'm sounding like your mother, but manners cost nowt and they can make the difference between an OK day and a great one. Don't want full-auto'd in the ear? Don't do it to someone else. Show respect & you will earn it from others. Simple but true.
Here endeth the lesson